Alphabetical list of peer-reviewed  journal articles relating to Si in Agriculture & Related Disciplines published in 2017 with links to read articles.​  To view articles from other years click; 20212020, 2019,​ 2018, 2016, 2015, and 2014.

2017 ​Articles

  • Comparison of Silicon Nanoparticles and Silicate Treatment in Fenugreek. Nazaralian, S., Majd, A., Irian, S., Najafi, F., Ghahremaninejad, F., Landberg, T., & Greger, M.  (2017). Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 115: 25-33. DOI: 10.1016/j.plaphy.2017.03.009  Read
  • Effect of Different Silicon Sources on Yield and Silicon Uptake of Rice Grown under Varying Phosphorus Rates. Agostinho, F.B., Tubana, B.S., Martins, M.S., & Datnoff, L.E. (2017). Plants 6(3): 35. DOI:10.3390/plants6030035  Read
  • Effect of Silicate Slag Application on Wheat Grown Under Two Nitrogen Rates. White, B., Tubana, B.S., Babu, T., Mascagni, H., Agostinho, F., Datnoff, L.E., & Harrison, S. (2017). Plants 6(4): 47. DOI:10.3390/plants6040047  Read
  • Effect of Silicon Amendment on Soilborne and Fruit Diseases of Avocado. Dann, E.K., & Le, D.P. (2017). Plants 6(4): 51. DOI: 10.3390/plants6040051  Read
  • Evidence for Active Uptake and Deposition of Si-Based Defenses in Tall Fescue. McLarnon, E., McQueen Mason, S.J., Lenk, I., & Hartley, S.E. (2017). Frontiers in Plant Science 8(1199): 1-11. DOI: 10.3389/fpls.2017.01199  Read
  • Integrating Soil Silicon Amendment into Management Programs for Insect Pests of Drill-Seeded Rice. Villegas, J.M., Way, M.O., Pearson, R.A., & Stout, M.J. (2017). Plants 6(3): 33. DOI:10.3390/plants6030033  Read
  • Mechanism of silica deposition in sorghum silica cells. Kumar, S., Milstein, Y., Brami, Y., Elbaum, M., & Elbaum, R. (2017).  New Phytol.213(2): 791-798. doi: 10.1111/nph.14173.  Read
  • ​Photosynthesis impairments and excitation energy dissipation on wheat plants supplied with silicon and infected with Pyricularia oryzae. Aucique-Pérez, C. E., Menezes Silva, P. E., Moreira, W. R., DaMatta, F. M., & Rodrigues, F. A. (2017). Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, 121:196-205, 2017. DOI: 10.1016/j.plaphy.2017.10.023  Read
  • ​Significance of Silicon in Fruit Crops - A Review. Patil, H., Tank, R.V., & Manoli, P. (2017). Plant Archives 17(2): 769-774. Read
  • Silicon Nanoparticles more Effectively Alleviated UV-B Stress than Silicon in Wheat (Triticum aestivum) Seedlings. Tripathi, D.K., Singh, S., Singh, V.P., Prasad, S.M., Dubey, N.K., & Chauhan, D.K. (2017). Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 110: 70-81.  Read
  • ​Silicon potentiates biochemical defense responses of wheat against tan spot. Dorneles, K. R., Dallagnol, L. J., Pazdiora, P. C., Rodrigues, F. A., & Deuner, S. (2017). Physiological and Molecular Planta Pathology, 97:69-78.  Read
  • ​Silicon's role in abiotic and biotic plant stresses. Debona, D.,Rodrigues, F. A., & Datnoff, L. E. (2017). Annual Review of Phytopathology, 55:85-107. DOI: 10.1146/annurev-phyto-080516-035312  Read
  • Silicon Supplementation Alters the Composition of Herbivore Induced Plant Volatiles and Enhances Attraction of Parasitoids to Infested Rice Plants. Liu, J., Zhu, J., Zhang, P., Han, L., Reynolds, O., Zeng, R., Wu, J., Shao, Y., You, M., & Gurr, G.M. (2017). Frontiers in Plant Science 8(1265): 1-8. DOI: 10.3389/fpls.2017.01265  Read
  • Soil Application of Silicon Reduces Yellow Stem Borer, Scirpophaga incertulas (Walker) Damage in Rice. Jeer, M., Telugu, U.M., Voleti, S.R., & Padmakumari, A.P.  (2017). Journal of Applied Entomology 141(3): 189-201. DOI: 10.1111/jen.12324  Read
  • The Effects of the Application of Foliar Sprays with Stabilized Silicic Acid: An Overview of the Results from 2003-2014. Laane, H.M. (2017). Silicon 9(6): 803-807.  Read