​​The International Society for Silicon in Agriculture Society and Related Disciplines (ISSAG) serves as a unifying body that provides leadership, mentoring, and science based information of silicon in alleviating biotic and abiotic stresses in global cropping systems.


  • ​​​Be a voice to the world of silicon’s benefits and in moving silicon forward globally
  • Be an important space for posting newly published research
  • Provide contact information for researcher collaboration and knowledge transfer
  • Provide announcements about important events for members
  • Provide a pool of researchers based on crop/region and area of expertise
  • A forum to ask questions about silicon and get answers from the experts
  • A forum for the society to affect symposium topics with other scientifically recognized organizations so that researchers aren’t split up between different scientific disciplines but have a home for all silicon researchers to present
  • Provide information on all international and regional conferences on Si in agriculture
To advance, disseminate and promote the knowledge and use of silicon, based on its benefits to plants, soils, and the environment, so that the global agricultural community may have a better understanding of silicon and its use in sustaining and improving plant function and health. 



The International Society for Silicon in Agriculture and Related Disciplines (ISSAG) was formed on August 27th, 2014 during the 6th International Conference on Silicon in Agriculture held in Stockholm, Sweden. The wide range of benefits from silicon supplements has extended to many plant science disciplines including; plant physiology, phytopathology (plant diseases), soils, and entomology (insects).

Additionally, research in support of silicon’s benefits has extended beyond agriculture to include horticulture and turfgrass, and even human health. The 131 conference attendees representing 35 countries, agreed that the time had come to form a unified voice in disseminating the knowledge of silicon’s benefits to a wider audience. 


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Meet the Board

Our Vision

​​​Seven of the elected board members are former chairpersons from the past six International Silicon in Agriculture Conferences, the eighth and ninth are Silicon Industry Representatives and the tenth board member is a student representative. 
Meet the Board