This collection of power point videos was filmed at the ASA, CSSA, and SSSA 2012 International Annual Meetings in Cincinnati, Ohio on October 24th during Session #406 in a Symposium titled "Silicon Fertility and Nutrient Management.

Speakers from left to right Gasper Korndorfer, Francois Belzile, Johnathan Frantz (above), Emanuel Epstein (below), Lawrence Datnoff, Mary C. Provance-Bowley, Joeseph R. Heckman and Yonchao Liang.

Peer Reviewed Videos on Silicon

Tri Societies Video Presentations

Silicon Symposium at Tri Societies Conference on the Value of Silicon in Production Agriculture

Soil scientists and agronomists from the United States, Canada, China and Brazil took part in the symposium formally called Silicon Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management. It was held in late October in Cincinnati, Ohio at the Tri-Societies Conference conducted by the American Society of Agronomy (ASA), the Crop Science Society of America (CSSA) and the Soil Science Society of America (SSSA).  download press release PDF

  • Silicon: A Plant Nutritional Enigma - Emanual Epstein   Watch Video
  • Silicon and Biotic Stress: Suppressing Plant Diseases - Lawrence Datnoff    Watch Video 
  • Silicon and Abiotic stress in Plants: Current Knowledge and Future Research Needs - Yongchao Liang    Watch Video
  • Silicon Transporters and the Benefits of Silicon in Plants - Dr. Francois Belzile   Watch Video
  • Silicon, a Plant Beneficial Substance: A Method to Quantify Plant Available Silicon in Solid Fertilizers - Gasper Korndorfer    Watch Video
  • Benefits of Silicon Use in Containerized Crop Production and Challenges to Its Commercial Adoption - Jonathan Frantz    Watch Video
  • Silicon Benefits to Crops and Soils in New Jersey - Joseph R. Heckman    Watch Video

Tri Societies 2012 International Annual Conference

  • Origins of the International Silicon in Agriculture Conference, Lawrence Datnoff, 7 min.    Watch Video
  • Dr. Jian Feng Ma Power Point on Transporter Genes, 27 min. Watch Video

Video Library

The International Society for Silicon in Agriculture and Related Disciplines (ISSAG) has created a Video Library peer reviewed video presentations from past seminars, interviews and researchers in the effort to promulgate the knowledge of Silicon and it's role in Agriculture.