Dr. Jakob Santner

The International Society for Silicon in Agriculture and Related Disciplines (ISSAG) was formed on August 27th, 2014 during the 6th International Silicon in Agriculture Conference in Stockholm.  The elected board members are researchers representing each continent as well as industry and student representatives. 

Board members will serve until the next Silicon in Agriculture Conference to be held in Belgrade, Serbia in 2025.

Board Members

Board Officers

Maja Trailovic
Student Representative
Dr. Scott Leisner
Dr. Scott Johnson
Vice President
Dr. Malcolm Keeping
​South Africa
Dr. James Villegas

Meet the Board

Dr. Fabricio Rodrigues
Peter Prentice
​Industry Representative
Dr. Miroslav Nikolic

Marketing Committee

Wendy Zellner


Dr. Boris Bokor 
Dr. James Villegas

Dr. Monica Camargo
Robbe Lindsay