The ISSAG is an International non-profit organization that has a mission to advance, disseminate and promote the knowledge and use of silicon, based on its benefits to plants, soils, the environment, and human health so that the global agricultural community may have a better understanding of silicon and its use in sustaining and improving plant function and health.

This resource page offers a wealth of knowledge from around the world gathered since ISAAG's inception in 2014, and is recommended in regards to understanding the many benefits of using silicon in agriculture. This includes scientifically proven and pear reviewed publications in the form of articles and books. Magazine stories and exclusive videos with including interviews and presentations from the most knowledgeable silicon experts.

One of the Silicon Society's goals is to "Be an important space for posting newly published research on the many benefits of how Silicon benefits agriculture". This information is free of charge (thanks to our sponsors) and for your viewing and reading pleasure. Click a link below to learn more about silicon from the experts.