The International Society for Silicon

in Agriculture and Related Disciplines


The International Conference on Silicon in Agriculture is the only Si conference of it's kind in the World. Held on a tri-annual basis at international locations, it was created to discuss the latest knowledge, benefits and important issues of the application of Silicon in agriculture.

Entering its 7th Conference in India, you can learn more at the link below.
ISSAG has created a Video Library with videos from past conferences and seminars in the effort to help promulgate the knowledge of Silicon and it's role in Agriculture. 

Watch video power points from the ASA, CSSA, and SSSA 2012 International Annual Meetings in Cincinnati, Ohio on October 24th during Session #406 in a Symposium titled "Silicon Fertility and Nutrient Management.

One of the Silicon Society's goals is to "Be an important space for posting newly published research on the many benefits of how Silicon benefits agriculture". 

These global publications are in the form of articles, books and videos that are peer reviewed and scientifically based. They are free of charge (thanks to our sponsors) and provide silicon in agriculture knowledge for your viewing and and reading pleasure. Click below.




The ISSAG is an International non-profit organization that has a mission to advance, disseminate and promote the knowledge and use of silicon, based on its benefits to plants, soils, and the environment, so that the global agricultural community may have a better understanding of silicon and its use in sustaining and improving plant function and health.

This global resource page offers a wealth of knowledge from around the world and is recommended in regards to understanding the many benefits of using silicon in agriculture. This includes scientifically proven and pear reviewed publications in the form of articles, books, and videos, information on past and future silicon conferences and links to ISSAG sponsors sites.