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To Advance and Promulgate Knowledge Relevent to Silicon in Agriculture.

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The Journal "Plants" seeks manuscripts in 2018

for 2 special issues.

  • "Role of Silicon in Plants"
  • "Practical use of Si to influence plant  production"

Dr. Maria Greger is the guest editor.

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  • ​​​Be a voice to the world of silicon’s benefits and in moving silicon forward globally
  • Be an important space for posting newly published research
  • Provide contact information for researcher collaboration and knowledge transfer
  • Provide announcements about important events for members
  • Provide a pool of researchers based on crop/region and area of expertise
  • A forum to ask questions about silicon and get answers from the experts
  • A forum for the society to affect symposium topics with other scientifically recognized organizations so that researchers aren’t split up between different scientific disciplines but have a home for all silicon researchers to present
  • Provide information on all international and regional conferences on Si in agriculture

[prom-uh l-geyt, proh-muhl-geyt] 

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​​Researchers have determined numerous plant benefits from silicon. They have found that Si:

  • Increases photosynthesis & yields
  • Increases disease resistance
  • Increases pest resistance
  • Increases drought & salt tolerance
  • Increases flood tolerance
  • Increases nutrient balance
  • Increases UV tolerance
  • Increases high & low temperature tolerance
  • Increases carbon sequestration
  • Reduces heavy metals uptake