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​​AAPFCO defines a “beneficial substance” as "any substance or compound other than primary, secondary and micro plant nutrients that can be demonstrated by scientific research to be beneficial to one or more species of plants when applied to the plant or soil."  Learn More.



Request for Manuscripts

The Journal "Plants" seeks manuscripts in 2018

for 2 special issues.

  • "Role of Silicon in Plants"
  • "Practical use of Si to influence plant  production"

Dr. Maria Greger is the guest editor.

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​​Researchers have determined numerous plant benefits from silicon. They have found that Si:

  • Increases photosynthesis & yields
  • Increases disease resistance
  • Increases pest resistance
  • Increases drought & salt tolerance
  • Increases flood tolerance
  • Increases nutrient balance
  • Increases UV tolerance
  • Increases high & low temperature tolerance
  • Increases carbon sequestration
  • Reduces heavy metals uptake



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Silicon categorized as a “beneficial substance” by AAPFCO 

(Association of American Plant Food Control Officials) in 2013.

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  • 2018 - Dr. N. B. Prakash -  Receives the Dr. Kalayya Krishnamurthy National Award
  • 2018 - Dr. Flavia Agostinho -1st place SSSA Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition Ph.D. Poster
  • 2017 - Dr Adam Frew - Fellowship appointment at Charles Sturt University
  • 2015 - Vladimir Matichenkov - Receives The Friendship Award in October
  • 2015 - Jian Feng MA - Awarded American Society of Plant Biologist Top Author
  • 2014 - Two Louisiana State University Graduate Students Win Awards for Research
  • 2014 - Alexander Lux - Receives Award at Silicon in Agriculture Conference
  • 2012 - Lawrence Datnoff Given Excellence in International Service Award

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